Quotes from Stage 11 of the 2012 Dakar Rally

Robby Gordon - Finished 25th

"We lost a CV joint boot and when we finished the first special we tried to change it. It took us too long to change and we missed the transfer section. At the end it was very bad and the silt is all inside the clutch, so we've lost the clutch and a wheel fell off… We've just had a bad day – we had a horrible day. The only way we'll win is if the other guys have problems, but I'm pretty sure De Villiers got past us too. But, you know, that's the Dakar. You fight, fight, fight and hopefully it doesn't get you, but today it just got us, for no reason. A 1 dollar part, a hose clamp broke. That put is in a position to miss everything else, so it was a bad day for us, but we'll just keep fighting until the end. We won't give up. You never know what will happen, so we'll ride to Lima."

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It's not over till its over

Wha's CV joint boot?

Google it

The black rubber piece that kinda looks like a toilet plunger when the axle is through it.

thanks. (i google it too).

LOL I've never heard of one discribed like that but it works!

lol plunger thats awesome

I dont know what grease RG is using, but my guess is it is Bel Ray as this is what most of us use. This is the nastiest crap you will ever use! Because of the moly in it, it stains your hands and does not wipe off easily. It's some of the best stuff, but I hate using it. BTW this stuff is about $50 a tube and you can do 2 CV's per tube and there are 4 cv's on the car. So figure how many times during this race they are servicing the CV's and you can see they are spending a butt load of money just on CV grease.

Servicing CV's is the worst thing on the car!
The grease that gets everywhere without touching it, the cv's themselves, outside....inside....the baskets, the bearings, the clips......its a big greasy-dirty puzzle......and then some leather or rubber boots to hold all the grease in, and the damn hose clamps......the easiest part about the whole service, and that is the part that got us.....SUCKS.
God Bless disposable rubber gloves for this project! Need a lot more than 1 pair to do it right!

yeah, grease sux, dust sux, it's a dirty F'n job... but it's all part of winning... I'd rather be dirty & first than clean & second...


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