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Join in here and discuss all the weekend action for the 2012 Bristol #1 cup race. Robby Gordon will attempt to qualify the #7 SPEED Energy Dodge into the field. Here is the weekend schedule for RGM at the Tennessee track. UPDATE: Robby Gordon had to withdraw after the McClaren techs couldnt diagnose the problem with the EFI/ECU shorting out. Car would not start.


Practice 12:00pm - 1:30 pm/et ( TV - SPEED )
Qualifying 3:30pm - 4:30 pm/et ( TV - SPEED )

Practice Live Leaderboard


Practice   9:30am/et - 10:25am/et ( TV - SPEED )
Happy Hour 12:00pm/et - 1:00pm/et (TV -SPEED )


Raceday 1:00 pm/et , greenflag at 1:15 pm/et ( TV - FOX )




1. Back In Black Scheme? YES
2. Sponsors ? SPEED Energy
3. Crew Chief ? Miles Stanley
4. Full Race? NO
5. Souvenir Hauler ? NO


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I’d be embarrassed to assume they brought a car that didn’t start. It broke. Pay attention.

Did it run 1 lap or not? Pay attention.

You think they hadn't had it running in the garage? Sure, they always wait until they are lining up for practice before starting it the first time. Please, don't be obtuse.

Jeff- The car fired just fine at the shop before getting loaded. Issues happened today AT the track.

It's just like not using spell check!?!? GAS ON ROB!

I agree no one is more upset, but we can all still post a thought. I just thought I'd stop in and see who I could work up today. I've pretty much checked out on NASCAR for 2012 except for Daytona, The Glen and Sonoma. ;)

No way to sugarcoat this one... Not good and i'm sure it hurts both the pride and the pocketbook.
If it is darkest before the dawn, the dawn will come next week!  Off to Virginia Beach with Speed in the cooler!  Received a free sweatshirt for 50 tabs this week, it is pretty cool.  

Man this sucks, more than a vacumn cleaner...........

50 tabs and $10

Danica Patrick's radio. Great entertainment.

Have any of the fine folks here tried punching a tree? Has any one noticed the folks who are against you at work because they are not Robby G. fans and think they know everything there is that the truth does not cover? Have you ever noticed when you are listening to shit from fans who are star gazed and making the in your face face they seem to shrink? Have you ever noticed how it makes them look like a tree? In order No-Yes-I'll check that-HHM a tree.


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