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Join in & discuss all the action of the 2012 Baja 500 on June 2nd. Robby Gordon will drive the SPEED Energy HUMMER , using the same 'no pitting' strategy as he did in 2011. Raceday chat will be available all day Saturday. Visit the 2012 BAJA 500 page for live tracking & other links.

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Yea, that is Quinn isn't it? Been with SPEED Energy for a while now...

that's the zig zag man

Yeah Cody Quinn he's a really good rider . Would love to see him in a SST that would be cool 

No Scott, that is Mark Samules in the helmet with Max and Matt Eddy. New deal but only a small JCR decal on the bike. See my post in PLANET BIKER BAR for my prediction on this team.

That's not Cody , Will ? Sorry for the misinfo . Would still be cool to see any of those riders in a truck . The all have balls of steel for riding desert so I can just imagine howde they be with a cage and body panels around them lol

RG has been buzzing around Orange County the last couple days in the Hummer. He has blown past my house a few times, and you can here that rocket ship coming down the street....its awesome! Bad Ass Hummer still ticking, even after the long Baja 500.


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