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Join in & discuss all the action of the 2012 Baja 500 on June 2nd. Robby Gordon will drive the SPEED Energy HUMMER , using the same 'no pitting' strategy as he did in 2011. Raceday chat will be available all day Saturday. Visit the 2012 BAJA 500 page for live tracking & other links.

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What ever the case may be, it's still Baja and anything can happen. Good luck RGOR...and have a safe race.

trouble for Robby Gordon at about RM220...looks like his baja 500 is over.

back moving ! update from SPEED Energy:

Update on RG #baja500 broke a shock and CV which team fixed then had a problem with the hub. After repairs he's back on the road.

Sounds like he's overcoming issues to keep moving forward. May not win it but a good shake down for Dakar...

coming into RM274

My day was like the apple/pineapple desert I made for my guests one time as tried my hand at baking. Started out good and turned into a piece of S*it. So I was unable to follow the chat room and/or race.
Bummer the hummer had broken down, install a smile and scrap the frown.

The Speed Party Friday night was bigger than the 1000 last year, Robby's people really put on a great event! Last year there were a few sponsors with stages on different corners, this year Speed Energy had the whole block, several stages, great music, dancers, great showing of the race vehicles and Robby rolled in with the SST truck and was instantly mobbed for a few hours (I can't imagine). I had a great view of the action kickin it on the center stage for a while before he walked up to sign posters and take pics with fans, very impressive he stayed til 10pm the day before the race to spend time with fans and take part in the event!!!


Wonder why theres no speed energy type decals on the hood of these things? Besides the logo..

Perhaps because they aren't solely owned and operated by just Robby. Isn't he working with RPM making vehicles? Maybe Speed Energy is sponsoring them (and vice-verse) and others as well.

Looking through my pics here, there is Speed Energy decals on the side of most of them as well as the S on the hood.


Just asking why not the words Speed Energy on the hood, nothing else there..........

just the "s" looks very clean. Peeps down there know what it means.

I'm not sure if anybody brought this up in chat on Saturday, but did anyone notice the sponsor on the 5x bike?


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