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Join in & discuss all the action of the 2012 Baja 500 on June 2nd. Robby Gordon will drive the SPEED Energy HUMMER , using the same 'no pitting' strategy as he did in 2011. Raceday chat will be available all day Saturday. Visit the 2012 BAJA 500 page for live tracking & other links.

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Thanks MJ...BTW, the truck looks awesome that you built!! Very impressive!!!

Thanks bud . Have you gotten your truck yet ?

Nope...wanna see what it looks like! Take a pic, in the box.....then who knows, just fun to something!! Maybe I should send to Kevin Wilson AKA Metro-Redneckual...looks likes his got all busted up! Trade him for his coon skin cap!!

Sent ya a txt 

Dont ask me I dont know sh#t about this sport!

What I have learned was from watching ESPN. The coverage is excellent, you'd be surprised at how much you can pick up.

Wait I think that was a line from Days of Thunder? Yep it is! So never mind I dont know Sh#t!

Sorry dude but I call Bullshit!..... :-))

The best way....Buy a 1600 (or any class for that matter)...prep it....enter it...finish a race.....Ur hooked for life

Where will the souvenir hauler be tomorrow morning? I am heading done there tonight. Need t-shirts for my kids!

@Jay -Dave and anyone else new to Desert racing join us in 'chat ' tomorrow. There will be links to use for tracking. Becouse we're watching dots move around the course. There will be time to ask and answer questions. I try my best with my limited knowledge,most of the time someone that lives for this genre will be in chat to answer your question/s. If you have history questions (like I have) I just go to Nikal's page and ask..

Racing on a high speed course like the Baja 500 is something that if you haven't done it, well it is impossible to fathom. The dust is incredible and you are trying to not only go fast in that shit, but catch and pass the race car ahead of you making the damn dust! And as far as seeing what is on the course in front of you, lots of luck.....There can be a rock in the middle of the tire ruts the size of a case of Negro Medelo and you have a second or two to miss it. Hit it and you are replacing a tire and rim and suffering the down time from that mistake.

When I started racing I had a few good mentors. Rodney Hall, Malcolm Smith, and others of their skill level. They told me the same thing. Keep one eye on the tire ruts for rocks. And the other eye on the race car making the dust. Once close enough that you can see the roof of that car, then be prepared for what is next on the course. The "roof" ahead of you slows down, the roof flies through the air, the roof make a sharp right turn then you know what you will need to do next. That is the way you overtake the race car ahead in a dusty desert race and Robby is a grand master at it. So starting 28th is a drag, but it isn't a deal killer. His Hummer is well suited to Baja and he may do very well tomorrow. Hope so.

I'd LOVE a win but I'm gonna say top 5

Good description Bruce. I would add, sometimes the silt is so BAD that you have to look out your drivers side (through the net) to see if your still on the course! Starting 28th requires patience, your racing the clock first and everybody else second. Baja Rule #1 All the prep and money in the world wont out wit lady LUCK


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