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Join in here and discuss all the weekend action for the 2011 Daytona #2 cup race. The #7 is locked in for this weekends race. Here is the weekend schedule for RGM at the Florida track.


 Practice                4:00pm - 5:20pm/et   ( TV - SPEED )
 Happy Hour           6:35pm - 8:00pm/et   ( TV - SPEED )

Practice Live Leaderboard


 Qualifying            4:10pm - 7:00pm/et   ( TV - SPEED )


 Raceday              7:00 pm/et , greenflag at 7:45 pm/et  ( TV - TNT )

Dont forget live raceday chat will be available & live track updates via  PLANETROBBY TWITTER

                                                               Robby Gordon Daytona Top 4 F.A.Q.

                                                                            1) Souvenir trailer ?
                                                                            2) Who is the crew chief ?
                                                                                Mile Stanley
                                                                            3) Who is the sponsor ?
                                                                               SPEED Energy
                                                                            4) Is the car going the distance ?
                                                                                As of now, nope.



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If Kevin Wilson is calling it an audible, I'll keep my fingers crossed!
As for the "start & park" mentality. Front Row Joe S & P every week. He and Robby have earned about the same amount of money. Joe, on the other hand, has not had to pay for tires, pit crews and broken race cars.
In this economy, as much as we hate to see Robby phone it in, it does make perfect sense not to run a full race.

NASCAR is all about the big boys in the game, the money teams. It is not about the best drivers.

Robby will give us all plenty of thrills in the coming weeks.
is he racing
@TOG-Do you care to follow up on Kevin Wilson's Twitter comment reporting Audible, and saying he would be in Daytona tomorrow following his favorite athlete-Speed Energy.

There has been much speculation this week on here, but at this point I don't buy what anyone is selling reference RG racing tomorrow night. I would like to see it happen since I'll be there, but understand the $$$$ issue. Plus throw in his sister's wedding this weekend. So if he doesn't drive because of a lack of funds or being with family, so be it. There's always next week or the week after.
There was always the small % chance that RG would run the race & it is looking like he will.I'd say it's a good day.But lets see what happens once the green flag drops.
on to next week !!!!
I would think Family 1st and Racing 2nd......IMO
I agree 100% , but race on saturday and wedding on sunday...

Man I hope RG is running
Dang it TOG! You forgot to remind me to bump the restrictor plate practice/qual disclaimer thread. Way to go old man, lol
Why do you have to call him old Alex, he still is younger than I
If you can remember the Carter administration well.... lol I am just messing with him. In fact i turn a big mile stone very shortly lol


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