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Just a heads up, today on NASCAR Live Mrs. Sprint Cup told Wendy Venturini that Dale Earnhardt Jr. is NOT in 1st place in the fan vote. I guess it's probably Joey Logono again then. It also sounds like Robby isn't attempting any of the Charlotte races, BUT... if one of you is that crazy Peyton Hillis fan, and you're doing the same thing for Robby, then let me know ASAP & I will help you! :-)
Whoo! Time to buy my tickets then! :-)
I've been voting like a democrat 5-6 times a day. there is a possibility to vote 23x's a day x 11,500 Planeteers=264,500 votes, with 15 days left=3,967,500 votes that should do it, or even 5-6 x's would do except for those that want to poo-poo his chances SO VOTE!!!!!!!
She also mentioned that there have been ALMOST 1,000,000 votes so far, so yes, that should cover him, although 11,500 people aren't going to vote every 59 minutes like they're Desmond from Lost, but I WILL!!!! :-)
Every 61 min. While I'm on the computer I think I'll vote for the 4th time this morning.
I've been voting when I some free time to relax. I use my Sprint phone so those count as double. I'm gettin' my votes in..


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