2010 Richmond #2 Air Guard 400 Race Weekend Info & Discussion

Don't miss all the heart pounding action of the Air Guard 400 from Richmond International Raceway as Kevin Conway wheels the #7 Extenze Toyota Camry around the challenging 3/4 mile track.

Robby Gordon will be in Primm, NV for the SCORE Terrible's Primm 300 off-road race driving the #1 Monster Trophy Truck.

Practice        12:00 - 2:00pm/et  (TV-ESPN2)
Happy Hour    2:45-3:30pm/et  (TV-ESPN2)
Qualifying       5:40pm/et,  (TV-ESPN2)

Practice Live Leaderboard

Race Broadcast   7:30pm/et  (TV-ABC)
Green Flag          7:45pm/et  (TV-ABC)

Race Live Leaderboard

Join the race evening chat for gripping conversation and sage analysis during the race. 
Track updates also via Extenze Racing Twitter.

FAQ: Kevin Conway, Air Guard 400
1. Souvenir Trailer?
2. Who is the Crew Chief??
Miles Stanley
3. Who is the Sponsor??
Extenze decals!
4. Is the #7 a 'Go-Getter' this week?
(sponsorship - costs) + payout / laps run = Probable Yes
5. When is Robby's next NASCAR race??
Next week at Loudon

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Hopefully Robby gives the ok to let KC aka Boneur run the full race. atleast give him a chance to prove us all wrong. Thought that was the plan in the first place Good luck Boneur
again, thats up to KC's sponsor, not Robby.
I sure hope they are UP for it,
the only good thing is if conway wrecks, he is going so slow there should not be much damage to the car. need the 26 and 38 to wreck early or the gap will dwindle even more.
we have race set up

we have qual set up

and now we have S&P set up
And next week until the end of the year, we will have full races & a different agenda.
Looks like the only S & P's other than Conway are the 87 and 32. The 55 has gotten Terry Labonte to drive and bring his sponsor so they will run the full race.
It will be interesting to see how well the car holds up since they supposedly don't even set the car up for a full race. I think it was back when Michael McDowell was driving the #55 that he said that even if a sponsor came along during the weekend, they couldn't run a full race because the cars weren't properly prepared...
Well after attending the Richmond race this weekend I have to say that I gained a lot of respect for both RGM and KC.

This was the first race that I have been to this year that RG wasn't in the race and wasn't sure if I was going to listen in to KC or not. Well I'm glad I did even though the game plan was S&P. Yes KC didn't qualify well and when the race started he was at the back of the pack. He was able to stay with the back of the pack until the 1st caution and when they pitted they pitted in the garage and not on pit road. While they were working on the car in the garage the Spotter called down to Miles and said that his pit crew sucked since there pit stop was taking so long and Miles responded that you get what you pay for, I just about pissed myself laughing. Since they made some changes in the garage KC went back onto the track by himself and was driving quite well on his own with no traffic around him. He was able to catch up to the back of the field and pass a few cars before he parked. His laps time were close to the same as cars in the mid 20's after the stop.

Just before KC got to the garage he came over the radio and said that it sucked to have to park the car since the car that he was driving was the best Cup car that he had ever driven.

I hope that RG hears about that comment that KC made. For KC to jump into a RGM car and make a comment like this I think goes a long way. He is in the running for Rookie of the Year and I hope he gets it!

Also I hope that RG can sign him and his sponsor for next season and run the full race schedule. Since RG isn't planning (so I hear) to run a full Cup schedule next season this would be a step in the right direction in having a 2 car team run races together. In my opinion if this happens I can see RGM becoming a bigger team and end up running in the 20's in points and maybe even better in the future!

So Cheers to RG, RGM and KC and I hope they both run at Dega in just over a month because I'll be there!!!!!!!!!!
nice post.

BTW , you do realize the pitcrew comment was just Larry Carter having fun with Miles & vice versa.
I wasn't sure who it was but I knew they were having fun, that's why I just about pissed myself laughing. LOL
10-4...LOL....a few actually took it seriously , like he was really bad mouthing them...Larry Carter has a dry sense of humor...a very funny guy....


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