Join in here and discuss all the weekend action for the 2010 Pocono #2 cup race.PJ Jones will drive the #7 Speedfactory Toyota on Sunday. Please note, Robby Gordon will return next week at Watkins Glen. Here is the weekend schedule for RGM at the Pennsylvania track.


 Practice          12:00pm - 1:30pm/et   ( 45th Quickest )
 Qualifying         3:30pm - 5:30 pm/et   ( 42nd Quickest )

Practice Live Leaderboard


 Practice            9:00am -  9:45 am/et   ( 43rd Quickest )
 Happy Hour      11:20am - 12:20 pm/et  ( 43rd Quickest )


 Raceday           1:00 pm/et , greenflag at 1:18 pm/et  ( TV - ESPN )

Dont forget live raceday chat will be available & live track updates via  PLANETROBBY TWITTER

                                                              Robby Gordon Pocono #2 Top 5 F.A.Q.

                                                                            1) Souvenir trailer ?
                                                                            2) What Chassis ?
                                                                                Same as Indy/Orange
                                                                            3) Who is the crew chief ?
                                                                                Miles Stanley
                                                                            4) Who is the sponsor ?
                                                                            5) Will Robby run Nationwide at The Glen?
                                                                                No he won't. Montreal is the only NW race.

                                                                             2009 Pocono #2 Images

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Aw man! No NW at The Glen? Oh well. I guess one win that weekend will have to do!

Any chance that word gets out that RG isn't bringing his own stuff and someone hires him for the day? Maybe Dale Jr. puts him in the No. 88 or No. 7? RCR's No. 21?
I am glad that he is running NW at Montreal. But it still sucks that he is passing on the NW at the Glenn. Him and Kurt going side by side through the Bus Stop has to be one of the greatest moments in racing.
RG has very good reason(s) for not running the NW race at the Glen. Next weeks Speedfactory will give some insight.
You left the door open TOG for hope. The FAQ only says Robby won't be entering the NW race at the Glen once. You know the rule.

Is Robby running the NWS race at Watkins Glen?
LOL doesn't count as a "nope"
ok, you got me. He is running the NWS youtube replay race that weekend.
OK TOG, let me phrase that another way. IF a top team like the 88 or 21 called RG and said 'Drive our car this weekend,' would RG be available/open to doing it?
I would be pumped if he ran a truck race for someone some time.....and BTW what ever happened to the trucks running road races
I wondered that myself. They used to run more road races than any of the other top 3 series - I can remember Portland, Heartland Park, Sonoma, and Watkins Glen all being on the schedule. Always was a good show too.
Remember when the Truck series also went to mostly short tracks? I believe this went away due to inadequate attendance ( not enought seats in some cases ) to pay Na$crap's every increasing sanctioning fee's. CWTS and NW only have a few stand along events. IMO
Indeed. Didn't help much when they started using pit stops either. If you think back to the beginning, there were some tracks they raced on that didn't have pit roads, pit roads were outside the track and the trucks would make adjustments during a "halftime" break. Since some of the tracks they went to couldn't accommodate "normal" pit stops, they disappeared. I'm sure sanctioning fees played a big part though. Those have gone through the roof. Seems like a lot of local short tracks that carried the NASCAR weekly racing series have gone to other sanctioning bodies as well.


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