2010 Martinsville Tums 500 Race Weekend Info & Discussion

Join in here and discuss all the weekend action for the 2010 Martinsville 500 cup race. Kevin Conway will drive the #7 Extenze Toyota & Robby Gordon will attempt to qualify the #07 Extenze/Toyota.The team holds a measly 5 point lead of 36th place in owners points.Here is the weekend schedule for RGM at the Virginia track.


 Practice           11:30am - 1:00 pm/et   ( TV - SPEED )
 Qualifying           3:10pm - 5:00 pm/et   ( TV - ESPN2 )

Practice Live Leaderboard


 Practice            10:00am - 10:45 am/et   ( TV - SPEED )
 Happy Hour       11:15am - 12:15 pm/et   ( TV - ESPN2 Tape Delayed 6:30pm )


 Raceday           1:00 pm/et , greenflag at 1:13 pm/et  ( TV - ESPN2 )

Dont forget live raceday chat will be available & live track updates via  PLANETROBBY TWITTER

                                                               Kevin Conway Martinsville 500  Top 5 F.A.Q.

                                                                            1) Souvenir trailer ?
                                                                            2) Who is the crew chief ?
                                                                                Miles Stanley/Steven Lane
                                                                            3) Who is the sponsor ?
                                                                            4) Will RG go the distance ?
                                                                                Yes , Yes , Yes
                                                                            5) Will the Robdometer return ?
                                                                                Yes it will. Next week.

                                                                              2009 Martinsville Images

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Who was the Crew Chief, and spotter today?
Excellent job 07, history was against a good finish but to battle back against the flat tire and the "little taps" that were received equaled a great showing.

It is KC's turn at Talledega.

Go guy Go
I hope the 07 comes again next week.

Same agenda as this week except if the 07 gets in run the whole race checkers or wreckers!
i would totaly re plan my weekend if Rob was running Dega
Good Job to everyone at RGM!
so, if robby's tuned in to finish his best ever at martinsville.. is he going to continue that trend in talladega? I would think so... go kevin, go robby!
does anyone know why Rob kept coming down pit road and getting a towel? It looked like something with the windsheild, but my scanner went on like lap 30 so I have no idea what that was all about. Did anyone else catch it?
Check it -- this discussion page 19---- Keven Meyer --- made the call 14 houres ago- So Kevin whats gonna happen at Dega?
Rob said something about being gased insde the car a couple of times, maybe fumes comming inside the car. Don't know what he used the towels for, but he was dead serious about geting the towels.
He may have been using the towels as a filter to get some cleaner air after the cooling system failed, just a guess.

ah ok cool, that makes sense like I said my scanner went out early and u could tell he wanted them because at one point there was a team member hanging out of the right side of the car.
Yeah, he said the hose came loose around lap 20.


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