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Just a heads up that today ( 2-4-10 ) is media day at Daytona Speedway, and Robby Gordon will be there. There is also a live feed via , however there is no guarantee if and when Robby Gordon will be shown, so stay tuned !


here is the MP3 for Robby Gordon from Media Day

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He always leaves wondering there days, isn't the suspense great.
for those who missed the interview, we should have the replay up sometime this afternoon.
The #7 being at all of the races is the big story here.

Absolutely....if for no other reason Danica cant get her paws on it! lol

I wouldn't mind seeing Casey Mears in it for the weekends Robby is off elsewhere...I don;t think Keyed up Motorsports i slong for this world...
Nascar will do everything in their power to make sure she succeeds....she's a cash cow if she does...
You are correct. She will be given every benefit by NASCAR, just like she has been by IndyCar. And if they determine that having her use the #7 is of benefit, it will happen as well.
and until we learned conclusively today that the #7 will be at all 36 races, it all but closes the door of this becoming a possibility headed into 2011...

which is a huge sigh of relief loooking into the future :)
In an interview yesterday she said something about not realizing you could wreck so easy at Daytona. Said she might want bigger bumpers. She really should have done her homework better before jumping into the ring with the big guns. But she's got people talking.
Sam Hornish and Dario ran circles around this girl in the irl, and look how their stock car careers are going/ turned out.

She always has been and always will be largely over-rated, and I am extremely excited she is in NASCAR. It will make it all the more obvious she is merely the product of the hype machine.

As for the number? The 7 is cool, but I would trade any number for being more competitive. So let NASCAR buy rgm out of the number, and be happy about the money that would come with it.
price for #7 == top 35 next 5 years
I agree but look, here is the difference. First and foremost Danica has solid backing. Hornish has solid backing but Dario never did. Secondly, she's aligned with Hendrick Motorsports, which is a big step up from 2008 era Penske and Ganassi Racing. Third, and I think most importantly, she's going about this the right way. She's learning stock car racing in the lower series, instead of jumping straight to Cup. I think she has a much better chance at success than either Sam or Dario...not saying she will....but there's a chance.

I would also bet that if she goes to cup, she's in the 5 car and Rick Hendrick isn't changing that car number. That number is very important to him and his family and HMS as a whole. It was the orignal HMS car. The only way she get's 7 is if Jeff Gordon retires, they "retire" the 24 and the 24 becomes the 7. But they would also have to pay Robby for the rights to that number.
Friday announcement? Did Robby alude to this today talking with the media? Sorry, I dont have Sirius or the live feed up...


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