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Just a heads up that today ( 2-4-10 ) is media day at Daytona Speedway, and Robby Gordon will be there. There is also a live feed via , however there is no guarantee if and when Robby Gordon will be shown, so stay tuned !


here is the MP3 for Robby Gordon from Media Day

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I will be on Sirius duty all day in the office then! Hopefully I catch our boy when/if he's on Sirius!
Robby Gordon will be up real soon
Races that the #7 doesnt have sponsorship for, look for Robby to run the #49 colors on the #7 , and the #49 wont run,since the #7 is locked in. Races that BOTH teams have sponsorship for, will have a driver(s) yet to be named.Next race at Cali, RG will run the Warner colors on the #7, and the #49 wont race.
Hopefully Robby will anwser all this when he comes on the media day coverage rite TOG?
Robby said there will be conflicts, so thats a safe assumption.
Whens Rob coming on?
very soon.Should be one of the next 2 after Jimmie,according to the email i received.
Sweet. Thanks.
I am in the office and have it on! Will record on phone, convert to mp3 and send to you like last time
we have it recording Beagle, so you dont need to,but thanks for the offer ! you are the official Sirius recorder
ahh gotcha! good to know! I'll abort my
Let's say the 49 gets a top 5 at Daytona, do they run the 49 in the first five races trying to lock in the top 35 also


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