2010 Darlington Southern 500 Race Weekend Info & Discussion

Join in here and discuss all the practice & race action for the 2010 Darlington Southern 500. Robby Gordon will be running the #7 Warner Music / James Otto & Whitney Duncan Toyota. Here is the weekend schedule for RGM at the South Carolina track.

FRIDAY , May 7th

 Practice        11:30am - 1:00 pm/et    ( 45th Quickest )
 Happy Hour         1:30 - 3:00 pm/et    ( 42nd Quickest )
 Qualifying            5:10 - 7:00 pm/et    ( Starting 26th )

Practice Live Leaderboard

SATURDAY , May 8th

 Raceday           7:00 pm/et ,  green flag at 7:46 pm/et   ( Finished 38th )

Dont forget live raceday chat will be available & position updates via  PLANETROBBY TWITTER

                                                                 Robby Gordon Darlington Top 5 F.A.Q.

                                                                            1) Souvenir trailer ?
                                                                            2) What Chassis ?
                                                                            3) Who is the crew chief ?
                                                                                Larry Carter - Miles Stanley
                                                                            4) Who is the sponsor ?
                                                                                Warner Music
                                                                            5) What if Robby scrapes the wall ? Panic ?
                                                                               Nope. It's Darlington.Panic if he doesn't.

                                                                             2009 Darlington Images

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I can't wait. Hoping for a great run. I'm a member of the track safety team. I was lucky to meet RG a couple years ago and the year that followed after the race. RG is the MAN.
As long as your not meeting Robby by helping him out of his car on the track, then I hope you see him too.
Is he awesome to people in the garage or what? If fans could spend a hour in the garage before races watching how drivers interact with fans, RG would be the most popular driver in the sport.
RGM has produced a few new chassis this year. I'm really interested to see how this one performs. What kind of new development goes into the manufacturing of these new generation chassis'?
meeting the Nascar Specs is priority, the have to send each chassis out for certification once built. I think it cost a few thousand to certify a new chassis

they can only make minor changes, but no one seems to know what those are......Hmm, wonder why?
In my speculation RGM has hit of weight placement/bias/transfer (there not all the same) issue's with the new chassis.Weight related issue's are different on tracks with alot of banking vs flat tracks. Banked tracks compress's both sides of the chassis more equaly,flat tracks compress the right side of the chassis,thus relying heavily on sway bar size vs corner spring rate.IMO
Yeah, a few will probably scrape the wall in the first practice. I am trying to remember, but somebody here posted a Darlingotn wall scrape running tally last year. That was pretty cool & I hope they do it again.
Just pack some extra foam on the right side. ;)

Kyle Busch won this race 2 years ago and the right side was totally pancaked.
He wacked the wall again coming to the white flag.
Pretty sure it was Tony Gibson,which is Ryan Newmans CC He also talked about back in the day they would use just about anything like 2x4 & 4x4 lumber.
FAQ #2
i am from Darlington, anybody going to the races this weekend? I got pit passes and a garage pass for Friday. Hope to meet Robby. When he has at least an half-ass car, he runs realy good here. Should have won both races in 2004.


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